Walking Wounded

Friday, January 30, 2009


Remnants that remain
After the healing
amidst the pain
What do ya do with this?
Scars and damage to the brain
So what do you do with this?

So all encompassing
all knowing
Is the Great I AM
What do you do with this?
Trust to ease the strain
reach out when alone

What do I do with this?
Scared battle worn
cast before His
presence again.
Look up
see His help
be His
serve Him

So what will I do with this?
When others wonder why.
How, they wonder can God be in all of this.
Yet I find a refuge a place of serenity,
Knowing even in this he is holding me

A life restored
Remember all I have
seen and known.
All of the amazing good times
To recover all of those terribly bad
Yet in this is even sorrow.

Those who will tell me well
to trust Him
To rest in him.
Shaken I stand
It is all I can do
to stand

He has pulled me through worse than this.
He is infinity
Though I do not understand it
In all I have known HE IS
In all I have been shown HE IS

Yet sorrow try's to engulf me
I demand a stay
a stay of the execution of the devises of evil.
Those things that would haunt me with the reasons for the
Destruction faced now.

My body this temple was so defiled
Now reflects the devastation
torn white matter
raises up again to refresh me with
what I have been delivered from.
What I have yet to walk into...

What will I do with this?

Songs of my heart