Walking Wounded

Thursday, May 21, 2009


When all my strength is used up
When every ounce of energy gone
Each day filled with duty
Every waking hour a gift given

Legs feeble knees knocking scared
leaning against a strong wall, remain
pressing against supports needed
pulled up to my feet

I stand

Standing I reach
up and out
In alone.
Pressing on, the gust blows.

Facing standing leaning into wind, held me up
lay me into the press falling back not an option
It holds me until the still of night
Then I lay me down

another rising of day
rise I, to stand
I stand
I stand

still I am standing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The joy of seeing a loved one heal

Oh Gory!
My sweet friend, my husband is perusing a time every day where he goes to sit and be quiet.
To Pray to meditate, and to just be still of the mind.
This is a very hard exercise of the mind.
To stop thinking to listen.
To stand before the light and just let it permeate you.
Darkness all around us will try with a vengeance to blow our lights out.
Remember that it takes one match to light the darkness.
To shine is a choice.

This morning I awoke to a song from the movie
"A Walk in the Clouds".
It is a song where a young groom stands outside of the window of a new bride to sing to her a love song.
As the tradition plays it the bride is to turn the light on if she forgives him...
The sorrow in the young man cuts him to the core as the room remains dark...

This the song of my God to me,
offering me the choice each day to turn on my light and shine.

Turn on your light,
The Lover Of Your Soul awaits your forgiveness.

Songs of my heart