Walking Wounded

Thursday, May 21, 2009


When all my strength is used up
When every ounce of energy gone
Each day filled with duty
Every waking hour a gift given

Legs feeble knees knocking scared
leaning against a strong wall, remain
pressing against supports needed
pulled up to my feet

I stand

Standing I reach
up and out
In alone.
Pressing on, the gust blows.

Facing standing leaning into wind, held me up
lay me into the press falling back not an option
It holds me until the still of night
Then I lay me down

another rising of day
rise I, to stand
I stand
I stand

still I am standing.


Annette said...

what beautiful words to think about...I feel like I'm standing against the wind allot lately, but I'm still standing also, we'll stand together....

Anonymous said...


Denise said...

After having done all, stand! Words from the Father........ BUT always remember that you NEVER stand alone..

This is very beautiful !

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