Walking Wounded

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kathy and Dr Nemeh

My husband took me to Cleveland Oh this last weekend. The treatment was unconventional medicine with a heaping teaspoon of faith and hope, but mostly LOVE. Dr Nemeh used red Lazar and green Lazar along with a form of acupuncture along the meridian lines. Used also was a type of low frequency magnetics. This with prayer. Love seems to be the factor in all of  those healed he believes. It is the connection to the God of love through His Son Jesus. I do not claim to understand all things. It was not just basic mind over mater here. I have been pain free in my low spine since our second visit. It took over two hours a visit but his attitude and serine way was so refreshing.
During the first treatment it was like the pain was gathered into balls here and there. Then that night the ligiments and muscels moved. The next day the treatment went as was the day before but at this moment in time whan I was distracted with fear he changed my focus with a sord spoken and at that instant my back changed from a hard mass of bones to putty. I was in a sitting position and he let me down flat on my back. NO pain. My husband was so concerned I might scream out for this was not a possition I have held in years.
Now I am pain free in my low spine. Other spots hurt here and there but not my low spine. Even after a long flight home in a sardine can of a jet plane.
At that instant of change in my spine the best way I can describe what I felt was ....the absence of fear. The next step for me would have been spine surgery for stenosis with nerve involvement that was effecting my ability to walk and to have continence.
Miracles still happen. 
Love God Psalm 91...he has loved me

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