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Monday, September 30, 2013

natural aids to depression

L-Tyrosine: A Precursor to norepinephine, May be valuable to the people who do not respond to most antidepressant drugs except amphetamines.
This is part of my supplement regimen. It really helps my cortisol overload. I have PTSD.
L-phenylalanine: Converted to tyrosine ( a naturally occurring form of phenylalanine); D-phenylalanine (which does not normally occur in the body or in food) is metabolized to phenylethulamine (PEA), an amphetamine-like compound that occurs normally in the human brain and has been shown to have mood elevating effects. Studies have shown that depressed people commonly lave low levels of phenylethylamine.
I use tyrosine at night before bed and I can sleep.
5-HTP: A close relative to tryptophan and a part of the metabolic pathway that leads to serotonin production. Studies from around the world have found that 5 HTP has a true antidepressant properties.
My husband first used this during his mid life crisis. I now use it nightly and it make a huge difference in not only mood but my pain tolerance.

SAM-e: A chemical compound found in all living cells; SAM-e can be found in more than 40 biomedical processes in the body. Supplementing the diet with SAM-e in depressed patients can result in increased levels of serotonin, dopamine and phosphatides, improving binding of neurotransmitters to receptor effectiveness is its ability to make brain cells more responsive to neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.
I have not use this yet.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Science link to adult health issues for Abuse survivors

 click on link to read study
I could of told them this. However it is a wonderful validation. My concern would be that it could be used against us who are left so effected by our childhood abuse.  The neglect to use the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but that is what they are referring too.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Update on Cortisol Connection

Being mid September now I can say that the supplements and nightly meditation has had a wonderful effect on the stress issues.   It is hard to do all the supplements every day but at least three days a week I get them all into me. Every night the b12 and 5htp is used and almost every day the multi and the stress b is taken. I have had illness three weeks. I caught an upper resp. infec from my son and have had to do antibiotics and steroids to breath.  I have infusion this week end so I am resting after having a radial nerve block in six facet joints of my low back on Tuesday last.
All in all the battle to keep off coffee and on supplements has given me many more days of good personality via reduced stress responses. The days I take supplements the well being is so pronounced. For morning meal I stick to a smoothy of blueberries, pineapple, cherries and guava nectar with a bit of rice protein powder mixed in. I add the ginger, kelp iodine and the powered multi into it. All things that or in line with eating for my blood type. I am type O neg. rh factor.
Note to Heather, Eating for blood type is also a wonderful way to help our self. Look on line or in book stores for the books. It has really helped to keep my eyes open for things that are not good for me. I still eat some things not good for me but I try to eat all the beneficials I can. Like eating food as a medicine and watching out to avoid those things that are poisons to my health. It can really make a difference. The website for eating for your blood type has a test kit you can buy to find out your blood type if you do not know it. Docs have heard of it but do not teach us about it. My immunologist is for it.

It is a good thing to educate yourself and understand why and how to advocate for life.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Cortisol Connection of Post Traumatic Stress

Health is a gift that is a struggle to unwrap when you live with Post Traumatic Stress. As a dear in flight for its' life is the constant flow of cortisol in the body for one who has PTSD,
Trauma comes in many forms and is much more than physiological. I am very fortunate that the Psychiatrist that worked with me tried to also manage my cortisol with pharmaceutical drugs, namely a side effect of Lamictal. The drug was never approved by the FDA for this use. He treats many Vietnam Veterans and now others coming home from war have a tough time getting help with PTSD. War after War, remember the generations of homeless men and women unable to cope or function turning to booze or drugs to feel human. There are many types of war, battles may differ but the physical effects of it remain.

PTSD has a devastating effect long term on the body. I have spent a life time trying to learn how to stop this cortisol flush. Over responding to life and stress.
It has so wreaked my body. I have learned that the long term of Cortisol is directly connected to the Common Veritable Immunoglobbulin Deficiency CVID, The long term effect of constant flight flight being on. It is thought by some to be the latter stage of the exhaustion of the adrenal system.

A book called the Cortisol Connection, Why stress makes you fat and ruins your health. Written by Shawn Talbott, PH. D. GACSM
ISBN -13:978-0-89793-492-3
Hunter House Publishers PO Box 2914, Alameda CA 945010914
Available in PDF here

This is helping me to understand more about the cascading effects of this life long issue and the end results of it left incorrectly addressed. Now I am not saying that everyone with PTSD will get the CVID and need plasma infusions every four weeks like I do. It is my hope that I might help others to be able to address it intellectually and get a good fighting chance at health. A chance at stopping it before the latter stages of it.

As I read I saw that indeed I road out the couse to a 50+ year old, Now I continue all efforts at gaining health.
It was a fascinating study of how the interactions between hormones and other biological chemicals even the very fat cells react in a response to the flight fight of the cortisol flush.

Being of a homeopathic mind set the suggested supplementation complete with explanations of each one has given me hope. Aging just makes PTSD worse. So many Veterans and survivors have an end of life marred with hopelessness. Many I have l known even taking their own lives in desperation. Maybe this can help others have a hope.

As an elder of sorts the constant insomnia has a real drain on the plasma that keeps me alive, I am making all efforts to value this gift of life. Reading last night well into the wee hours advise withing this book . the advice taken, I slept by using not only the melatonin in my herbal stash but I added 5-HTP. Within 10 minutes the cortisol flash slowed and I went to sleep! This morning NO COFFEE to start the cortisol up again , but yogurt and fruit and soon some good multi vitamins, B complex, multi minerals. Water, exercise, nutrition and supplementation.

Cortisol overage effects other hormones that give us vitality, this is helped through some supplementation that allows our own bodies to unlock the absorption of needed hormones. Without the need of taking such hormones.  There are to be found in the book several lists in chapter 9 of Foundational multivitamin and multimineral that is the first step. The next step should be targetted modulation of cortisol, HSD this is the signal that tells fat cells that famine is at hand making the fat cell cling onto every calorie, and testosterone (via PMFs, eurycoma, theanine, etc.). Then should come the reinforcements against episodes of stress in the form of a balanced adaptogen regimen. Lists, explanations and tables are found in the book as well.

I am swimming, weakly in the exhaustion of poor health with all hopes to help myself. I hope that this will help others. Left untreated it will continue a life held alive through monthly plasma infusions, inflammatory joints with fibromyalgia pain.  I do not want to depend on pain medication and muscle relaxants.I have almost stopped all pain and muscle relaxants that have left me limp and fatigued.

Being pro active is best! After years of struggle with PTSD and the health effects it is my will to help myself live. It is the best success. I hope that this might help others with information to help yourself.

Study at many universities is ongoing.

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