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Monday, September 30, 2013

natural aids to depression

L-Tyrosine: A Precursor to norepinephine, May be valuable to the people who do not respond to most antidepressant drugs except amphetamines.
This is part of my supplement regimen. It really helps my cortisol overload. I have PTSD.
L-phenylalanine: Converted to tyrosine ( a naturally occurring form of phenylalanine); D-phenylalanine (which does not normally occur in the body or in food) is metabolized to phenylethulamine (PEA), an amphetamine-like compound that occurs normally in the human brain and has been shown to have mood elevating effects. Studies have shown that depressed people commonly lave low levels of phenylethylamine.
I use tyrosine at night before bed and I can sleep.
5-HTP: A close relative to tryptophan and a part of the metabolic pathway that leads to serotonin production. Studies from around the world have found that 5 HTP has a true antidepressant properties.
My husband first used this during his mid life crisis. I now use it nightly and it make a huge difference in not only mood but my pain tolerance.

SAM-e: A chemical compound found in all living cells; SAM-e can be found in more than 40 biomedical processes in the body. Supplementing the diet with SAM-e in depressed patients can result in increased levels of serotonin, dopamine and phosphatides, improving binding of neurotransmitters to receptor effectiveness is its ability to make brain cells more responsive to neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.
I have not use this yet.

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