Walking Wounded

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The love of a child

My Child

My Son came to give his kisses goodnight
He starts at my forehead around the clock cheek, chin, cheek, then tip of my nose.
It is so sweet and so dear.

Tonight after the kisses he sat on my lap.
He scooted up and rested his head on my chest.
The world stopped.
I held him as we melded together in our breathing.

The world stopped.

My son is eight now.
This son I waited 20 years for.
I never ever thought I would get to have a son.

This child was such a gift to me in so many ways.

As we sat there rocking tonight
I thought of his first 10 months in the orphanage in Russia.
How he was never held then.
It was a difficult beginning once we became a family as well for he was ill and I was given a radical hip to hip hysterectomy to end the battle with end stage endometriosis.

It was so hard to have a 3 yr old girl and a 10 month old son and be menopausal in an instant!

Tonight holding him....I just let everything stop and we healed he and I.
We held each other and rested in each others arms for as long as he desired. I could feel the energy as one with us.
Our hearts beat together. He was a baby in my arms healing, being restored all those touchless months of his infancy.

I well I am his MOTHER, a mother to him. He is my sweet child in whom I adore.
How we need each other.
I needed him and God knew it. God made a way even after the twin towers came down.
The way to get that baby home before Christmas.

The love of a child.
this child is loved as am I loving my son.

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