Walking Wounded

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brook Bennett

To alll the children who have known this horror. To all those who survived it. Please know this that there is healing.
I am grieved at the thought of the great betrayal this child experienced.
All those around her that failed to see, that had blinders on so that they did not face reality. De'nile is not a river in Egypt. It is a very real force.
I am so proud of Brooke she had to have faught hard. Sweet baby heaven bound. Free from the predators grasp. Healed in an instant. 12 years old just a baby. My child is almost 11. These men are so sick. Sodomites to the core of evil! My concern is for the children that are still under the hand of them.
May these men be struck down and their breadth halted.

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