Walking Wounded

Friday, April 24, 2009

DAMN HELL BACK TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted with his blessing, I posted and removed it during the day. After our time together I decided this might just help someone else.

I have had a really hard day today!
I am angry, frustrated and worn out.
Now there is a stinking fly buzzing my keyboard.
What the hell?
You know that is just it
The Hell.
Hell would destroy every thing, every one.
I see them just playing dead to it.

So focused on the I that "I" becomes the central channel of attack from hell

A few trials
A bump in the road
a $ loss here and oh the world is coming to an end!!!!!!
Good God I think
Good God what if they Really knew what it was to be without
What if they really were not capable
What if they really did what they need to do instead of sink into a deep pile that they dug themselves
What if I could just lay down every ones shovel and quit digging them out!

Would I then get to enjoy this awesome life I have fought so hard for?
Would I then get to relax and make my self at home?
Would I then get to see joy in their eyes at last??????????

Why is it that our peace is so robbed when the hell comes and takes away the peace of our loved ones.

Old Manna
Old stinking manna
Nothing new nothing fresh nothing healthy

Gee wonder why they feel sick!?

whoa whoa is me..........
Hell yep they think it and speak it from hell
That's where they are hearing it from!
Well if they hold it in, it makes no difference if it is still ringing loud and clear in their ear the effect is still within the life they are living. The lack of delight in life is still in effect.

How can we get those we love to focus on the God of the universe and the salvation of beliefs, the freedom of trust in love.

NO we can not cut it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ONLY God can cut it for us!

I have spent so many years with a soul that has such a deep wound that weeps and ooses all over those he loves.
Takes away every moment of moments present, into worry and fear of those days and years ahead.
I was made old or to believe I was old even before my time
What the HELL!
what the hell did hell do to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When? When is his freedom come????????????????????????????????????????

I want it for him but I want it for my life too, for my children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did HELL DO TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
damit I wANT TO KNOW

DAMN HELL BACK TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HE DOES NOT BELONG TO hell !!!!!!!!!!!

post script...
upon arriving home He addressed HELL
Religion that separates us from the true LOVE of God, The need to examine the old manna that is choking in his throat.
I was /am so relieved to see the HELL being challenged and the introspection begins.
The battle for the mind.
Hell takes freedom as our mind closes down to truth.
Religion binds the mind. Gods love frees it to challenge the lies.


Denise said...

Even though our spirit man is born again..... there are scars and wounds that God needs to heal.. There are memories in our minds that the enemy wants to bring to the forefront to steal even our today's and our tomorrows....... BUT the Father has sent Jesus and HE has come to bring life into those oozing wounds and life to those dark tormenting memories..... I have learned that when those memories from HELL rise to the surface, I grab the hand of Jesus and allow HIM to walk back into that darkness and shed light... Memories might remain but the pain and the torment has been sent back to HELL....... Where it rightly belongs.....

Love you... love your heart and love the words that you speak out of the depth of your heart... a heart ALWAYS being healed..... HEALING headed toward total freedom and eternity where we will watch HELL go to HELL....

Mary said...

Praise to our healing, restoring, redeeming,precious God!!!

Thank you for sharing your heart!!


Annette said...

I'm crying over here! I think you must of had me with you when you wrote this...I cry at all of the what if's, what have I've done to deserve this,why cat it be like... and so on and so on....I had a terrible child hood, too personal to go into,cause it hurts so damn bad "sometimes it just oozes, like sweat in a cut" and Satin wants me to hurt and that pisses me off so much... but our heavenly father has helped me so much, and sometimes I am glad Satin TRIES to make resurface, cause it reminds me of what I have NOW! FAITH, LOVE, AND FORGIVENESS!
I love you~

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