Walking Wounded

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Memory of my big sister Midge

Another memory of the safety of my sister’s shelter was around the time I must have been 8 ish. It is in her living room. Her daughter an infant was in an old wind up swing. The hand crank made a fascinating sound. I was a kid being a kid. Midge had given me a snack on a small plate. The baby in the the swing that was on the floor in front of the T.V. and I were watching Sesame Street. It was a humble place of a rental (?) or a small house. It was in Ogden I think seemed like it was more in town. It was nice there and she was so kind to me and gentle.

So vaguely it was as if the times with her ended like my/our mom and her got into a dispute or something. Perhaps her husband was transferred or got a job away from there and they left.
Her husband followed the breeze it seemed always nomadic. That is the sense of it anyway.

Love you
Aunt Donetta


Denise said...

Sweet memories........ I wonder sometimes why God puts those memories into our minds. They come out of no where and then explode into our thoughts..... They warm our souls........ HE is a good God...... I have very few good memories of my childhood but every now and then one of those will burst into my mind...... They make me smile........

I am glad that you had one of those warm moments....

Denise said...

Such precious memories.

Being Me said...

You must miss her and her warmth..

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