Walking Wounded

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

aurora borealis

Grandfather hold me near. 
Cover me in the colors of the Heavenly Sphere. 
Wrap me crestfallen... I am here.

crest·fallen (krestfôl′ən)
  1. with drooping crest or bowed head
  2. dejected, disheartened, or humbled

EMDR was tough today
I am grieving such a terrible terrible event.


    Annette said...

    I'm sorry...but know I and so many of us love you~

    Hugs always~

    Denise said...

    I love you and am so sorry for your pain! Just remember that you may have never met us but we are here and I am praying for you my friend..

    Denise said...

    You are so deeply loved.

    Songs of my heart