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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ginger my rabbit

Today I took my rabbit to the vet. She has mites in her ears. I cleaned her ears three days ago and kept watch on her. Calling the vet I learned that she had to go to an exotic animal hospital. Vets here do not treat rabbits. When I made the call last week the cost really threw me. $65. just to see the doc. Then add medication ect. took the cost too high in my mind.
That is where my heart came in. The loving heart of my husband as well. The reality that we are responsible for her life. We as parents are responsible to teach our children by example. The bunny got a dusting of DEarth. I knew she needed more. We spoke of putting her down, that conversation ended abruptly.
Yesterday I called again and made the appointment for this morning to take her in. My MIND could not get over the cost issue.
There I stood in the office over her. The vet confirmed what I knew and reviewed the charges. He left and I awaited the nurse to come with the medication for both of our bunnies. She was a while and as I stood there in that most holy of moments my MIND gave way to the beauty of my heart.
On the wall was a print of a large field with a bunny running freely. In that instant I remembered the Rabbit that was killed over me during the stone table torture of my youth.
I came full circle today. I got to pay it forward and nurture the life of my little rabbit. I got to overcome my MIND with my heart. My husbands heart was in full agreement. My children are so happy to know that Ginger the bunny will be alright. Her life is of great value. $128. is a cost of the mind that makes little sense to it, but Ginger cared for is all the wealth this woman could ever desire.

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Sinder Ella said...

Love this post.
Reminds me of Proverbs 12: 10
"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal"
or in other versions,
"Whoever is righteous has regard for
the life of his beast"

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