Walking Wounded

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Blogging Best Friends Award"

Shawna over at "Scamps Place", If you only knew the encouragement I felt at seeing this thoughtful gift.

The award she gave me was the Blogging Friend Forever Award, which is "presented to awesome BLOG owners who keep their readers excited about their posts. Their blog posts are interesting (NOT spammy) and worth reading and keep their subscribers looking forward to each and every post."

She wrote:
I will be giving this award to a few other blogging friends who really give their hearts out during their posts:
Donetta at A Life Uncommom and A Life Restored. She shares the dark struggles God was able to bring her out of. She definitely has a life-changing story that God gave her the ability to be able to share.


Denise said...

Congrats my dear friend, you are definitely my forever friend.

Debbie said...

Donetta, please visit my site. There is an award waiting for you today.


Vicki said...

How nice! Aren't blogging buddies the best blessing?

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