Walking Wounded

Friday, November 30, 2007

A challenge to post

It is a great challenge to visit here at my blog I find a wave of intensity that can be overwhelming and very draining. I want to offer up the things that might help save another in the agony of recovery but to do so costs me. I often become fatigued to do so. It is amazing the force of energy that goes through me when I visit here. Today I walked after the last post and I realize the power that is being unleashed to my good behalf, even if it is a bit uncomfortable to do so.

I have a friend a fellow blogger who is taking great courage to un mask "the face of trauma" in her own adopted child. She has even requested of me to share some of the things that she has found so profoundly helpful in her own journey to help her child. I have spent hours on the phone with her. It is a privileged to do so. However this has a price of exhaustion (That I am willing to invest in her and her child). In the exhaustion though I am continually healed and recharged with the awareness of how essential it is for me to come here and visit your hearts with knowledge that just may be used in part to set you free. I can not withhold that and will count the cost, measured so that I am able to function and process well those wounds I might have to open up to expose the lessons that I have learned.

I would really appreciate the prayers of the righteous on my behalf. For this is a high calling. I am a woman just like many of you I am made of clay and can easily be cracked. I know that God is handling me gently. I must take the courage to flight. I am a tenacious vivacious White Raven!
I will need the high places to rest after flight when I do open to this calling. I know we each have our destiny and purpose, most of us have many charges and duties. It is here that one is required of me that takes a great courage and sacrifice. I will do all that HE asks of me in this.
Those of you who may be agnostic please forebear with me for I am not.


Denise said...

You are in my prayers always sis, I love you.

Bren said...

I thank God for you daily and lift you up in my prayer time. It was by sheer providence that we were brought together. I truly believe the ONLY reason I blog was to meet you. Someday, my daughter will dedicate her first book to you, a woman whom she has not met, but who she will know as the woman who gave herself over to a child's healing. These wounds are deep and though they are healing, many are still tender. I pray that God will give you the rest you need now as I have required you to poke and prod at these tender places in order to help my daughter. Please know in your resting that your pain is not without merit. Charlotte is doing WONDERFULLY now. I was able to shine light on some of the issues we discussed with her and she looked relieved that there was a "reason" for her urges. God is good and the light does dispel the darkness...keep shining sister!

Amrita said...

Dear Donetta, thanks for sharing about this side of your life with us. It takes a lot of courage to do so.

Mary said...


Thank you so much for updating me when Denise was in the hospital. I so appreciated your thoughtfulness. I have been exploring your blog and it is a great place of healing. Thank you for giving of yourself.


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