Walking Wounded

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning!
Wow that was a differnet 31 st for me!
Once it came close and it was different I had power over the mind so well. I felt like I grew up a lot. It was like well "IT IS FINISHED" is what comes to my mind. When it was spoken with such finality, and power. Firm and done.
I kept my word and told on them and now I can move on! I did what I promised I would do. I risked the wrath of it and overcame through my faith and the truth. I did what my own Mother told me too. I told on the deeds done in darkness.
That truth is setting me free!
I have never had such an ease of event passing as yesterday.
I feel powerful and strong. Like I finished a job. I told and I learned and I arose from those ashes.
Today is a new and wonderful day full of duty and joy and charge.
I have the lunches made, and the day is still quiet here all is asleep. The dogs are fed and calm.
Wow! I am so stunned at this newness I feel . Wow!
What are you up to today? Do you have a plan or project for the day? I have so many choices to do. So many wonderful bunny trails to explore and accomplish.
I rejoice in that Love that holds you and lifts you up!
My children both just woke up (6:38) happy and refreshed and awake.
Enjoy your day!
The light does dispel the darkness.


Anonymous said...

Halleluljah!!! My heart is jumping for joy with you this morning!! Isn't the newness such a wonderful feeling? God gave you the strength and you made it through!!!

Many Blessings!!

Denise said...

Praise God for His care of you.

Gluttonynomore said...

Thanks, Sister in Christ, for visiting and posting at my new blog site. I checked out both of your. Let me know which one is more for diet and health since that is what my blog is mainly about. Have a blessed Friday!

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