Walking Wounded

Friday, November 30, 2007


I need to speak about trust. I feel my trust shaken and I need to talk about it. I knew that this man was not trust worthy and yet I minimized my radar. I let others convince me that I was over reacting. I will not allow this any more!

Trust is earned! Trust in NOT, something others convince us to do.

As a survivor we often trust without question because that is how survivors are kept victims.
Be victims NO MORE!

You see we are not given boundaries. As a matter of fact we are taught to be blind to boundaries that is how we are taken advantage of.
Boundaries are and essential part of recovery and of living verses survival.
Alright now. I see that I have a lot of work ahead of me here. To do this blog and teach you the lessons I have so painfully and with such efforts gained.

" you have to rust somebody..." was the quote that rings true in my ear. That is the memory of the event a aforementioned in the previous post. I remember the embezzler saying that"if we did not trust him don't use him". I did not trust him. Beloved made the above quote.
" you have to rust somebody..." NO YOU DON"T!

You do not ever "have to" trust someone.
Trust is earned! We have radar and we must use it. We (as survivors) have been taught to negate it (our radar). Wake it up. Not being paranoid but being wise! My sister says to me so often. "You just always seem so paranoid" or You are always so suspecting" YEP! I am.
For good reason!

The trickster is always at the door, awaiting a chance to get a hand in your pocket or worse. It is just a plain fact!
Being innocent as a Dove and WISE as the serpent you MUST understand this.
Every one of us is vulnerable to deception of our own hearts as well as others who are tempted to sacome to temptations.
Jesus said "Pray that you will not fall to temptations" thats the thing he said at the last supper. He did not say pray we wont be tempted... We will be. God gave every one free will. Choose this day Who you will serve. You can not serve two masters. Nor can others.
A brother is of the same Master... That is a choice. We must flee temptations that not only come against us personally but that come at us from others to harm us.
Wise as the serpent means open your eyes and be aware that it is happening and it is real and that your not making it up or being a bad person for keeping your eye out. Christians have been taught a blind eye. Doves we are good at being doves... But that passage has a second half.
WISE as the serpent so that we can keep an eye out in the grass for them. A dove makes a mighty tasty meal for a snake.

Doves are stupid!
I had a pair of dove that died in a cage with water right there! They did not think to look for it in any other bowl than what they were a accustom too.
They died with the life giving water right there! at the time this was so very painful for they were my pets. I felt guilty and so much remorse for not understanding that they were simply stupid. I should have known better for I was their care giver. After the fact I learned that it was common knowledge of birders that dove are very stupid. They need very special attentive care.

The text said be gentle as Dove, take after that attribute it did not say be a dove. It said be wise as a serpent Not to be one!
The Holy Spirit "as a Dove descended" gently. The Holy Spirit is not a dove, The Holy Spirit is our counselor to guide us and does so gently.

My Dear Sweet friend who just went through this. Please know that non of this energy is directed toward you. I am so sorry for what happened to you and You did not deserve it. I am angry at the tricksters.


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your heart.

Bob said...

and, you are right!

Amrita said...

yes Donetta, we are good at being doves and stupid at be wise AS serpents.We switched off our radar and we nearly got duped out of our peoperty.My Mom is a super dove and so was her mom (who was duped out of her money by a brother)Mother gets very angry when i tell her not to trust people so easily. I have to struggle with her.She puts me in very tight situations.

What you say here is 100 percent true.

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