Walking Wounded

Thursday, October 9, 2008

To set the captive free!

As I sit awake at 4 in the morning. I am impressed from a hard dream on how the captive suffers.
Those looking simply (or so should it be) for love and a bond of emotional, heart to heart unity with another are compelled to it. Many have resigned to means by living lives in loveless marriages in order to have needs of shelter and such. I see how imprisoned are, those who are depending upon their own reasoning and effort to find what they need.
Without ever knowing love some are willing to let go of everything they have to purpose the acquisition of love, or a connection that looks like it. Choices are made everyday even in childhood to pursue it. I weep for the captive those who effort on their own powers and reasoning to find it. Suffocated by the reality that it is an endless empty quest.
One that cost them their souls.
I have the chain breaking freedom. The one thing that saved me. The knowledge that I am loved.
I have unmerited favor.
A love that fills the vacuccum that draws the very life out of the captive.
I was set free.
Adopted and heir into the unmerited favor of God.
Predestined and chosen.
Not that I am alone in this , but that I have gained the knowledge of it.
The difference between chains or freedom.
Even within the scritpures I find that Those who are predestinoned choosen before the foundatiions of time...are perishing for a simple lack of knowledge.
How I weep at ignorance.
How I grieve at those chains those endless pursuits that mimic the real thing. My heart so longs to set those who are captive ...free.
Be it known that you are loved.
Innately just for who you are. Loved beyond any measure that can be found in your empty pursuit. It is here waiting for you in this very breath. In this...
Come home.
Into the heart of worship come to your maker who longs for you.
You are loved.
It is true.
With this knowledge know that even in a loveless marriage you are loved.
Even in a empty void of existence you are loved.

I am loved and my marriage is so loving. I am fortunate that way. Loveless ness is such a consequence of trying to fill these voids on our own. Looking in another person for the fulfillment that only your maker can afford you. You see your mate is no different if He/She is in an empty place questing for what likewise you can not give in return.
Come home.
Fill your cup from the true sorce of this inate need.
With it filled then and only then can you ever begin to offer that to another.
So many captive try in vain to effort to "earn" this place . They struggle to gain the ground through "good works" and martyrdom. Sacrificing even any small measure of peace.
All in the pursuit of love, unmerited favor.
Grace has been perverted in churches across our world. Because the leadership and the body does not even have a knowledge of who it is that loves them.
That they have been adopted and become and heir. Perversion swept the message even in the days of Titus. Now so few have clean hands and are not out for the dollar. Snakes in the grass. Taking advantage of the knowledge lacking folk,
who in all good intentions think they must earn this favor.
Unmerited favor is a free gift.
Unlike humanity this gift is offered with no strings attached.
Simply to reciprocate the impassioned favor. Fondly delighting in a friendship with the living God their maker...The one who gave us this void to be filled. His created hole in us is shaped just right only for Him to fill.
To set the captive free.
To proclaim peace to the wherry, and liberty.
So I declare it as I sit up grieving the empty pursuit of so many I witness around me.


Denise said...

Wow, such wisdom my dear friend.

~Bren~ said...

I echo that...such wisdom. It is the wisdom and knowledge that saved you from circumstances, by worldly standard, so powerful. By Godly, super natural standards, those circumstances are miniscule!
Blessings to you my friend!!

naty said...

Dear Sis,

I too have been set free from the chains of sin and the views of this world. In the past couple days God has shown me the beauty of this earth, but he has also shown me the evilness that crupts it. I praise him over all because i know that the heavens awaits us. God bless, see you in heaven from Naty

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