Walking Wounded

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Self Esteem Affiliation

Journal of discovery

*I like to be with....strife free folks

* I like to be with people who...love others kindly yet have good boundaries

* I was a friend to someone when...I needed her and she needed me

* Someone who makes me feel happy is ...my husband

* I would like to give a present of...kindness...to... a wherry soul

* A way I could help others is...to become a better listener

* My favorite person to be with is...someone who wants to be with me
I feel Happy when people...are real and unmasked and I still like them

* Things I look for in a friend are...kindness, wounds and the3 way they handle them or better said the willingness to heal

* the best person in the world is......is no better in Gods eyes than the worse if they apologize and change their way

* I could be a better friend if ...I made a list to call to avoided the need to apologize for the forgetfulness to do so.

* Once someone helped me by...showing me that I was many who had shattered and yet did not break, that It was alright not to like parts of who I am and to even embrace those aspects...that's how I learned to love myself and that God too loved all of me the good bad and the ugly he saw beauty in it all

* I choose my Friends because ...they were in my path and that I
saw the real beauty in their hearts.

* I love to give....words

* What I can give to others is ...only as good as what is received

* I don't like people who ...speak ill of others with a hurtful intent

* The greatest harm someone can do to another is...remove their hope

* When people get angry they should ...remember their own issues and step softly

* I wish people could stop...greed, hate and arrogance.

* I would like to say something nice to...everyone

* You can tell someone likes you by...the light in their eyes when they speak to you eye to eye

* I don't like it when people...assume

* When People tease me I ...brace my heart and speak up if I need too but try to be of good humor. I do not let teasing be a part of my family. It is not appropriate.

* I 'm a good friend when...I set my thoughts needs and ideas aside for another needs to come first.

* I like my friends because... they tend to be real people and not masked

* My friends think I am good at...Making them feel safe

* I make new friends by....just being myself

* When I am with my friends I feel...almost everything that they are feelings

* I wish my friends would...Make more time for each other

* My Favorite thing to do with a friend is...It depends on the person...well being still together and just being present without any expectations

* The thing that makes me a good friend is...wanting the best for others

* Someone I would like to get to know better is...The person I am with at any given moment


The importance of interpersonal relationships in our lives cannot be overstated. We all need to feel a sense of connectedness to another human being Particularly to those individuals whom we consider to be important and significant. When we feel as though we belong and are connected to those we consider important, and in return we receive respect and approval from them , we gain a sense of affiliation..Do I feel accepted?

Do I provide myself with the opportunity for group entry?
Am I participating , as a functioning, contributing group member?
Do I acquire special skills in friendship making?
Do I provide myself with an opportunity to gain peer recognition and approval?
Do I show approval and support to others?
Do I discover the interests, capabilities and back grounds of others?
Do I praise others for their accomplishments?
Do I have sensitivity toward the needs and feelings of others?
Do I plan activities that encourage a sense of common spirit and pride?


imagination said...

Many of life's problems can be solved by simply asking questions of ourselves. Our self-esteem is predicated by the image we hold of ourselves, and we can find our self-image by asking questions.

Thanks for providing your insight. Ryan

Denise said...

This is really a great idea, thanks for sharing.

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