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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Selfhood Part 2 ... Feelings and Emotions

Journal Question to consider...
Answer these for your self...

* I am happiest when...I am in the absence of strife

* I feel so mad inside when...I am in the presence of bigotry

* I felt really proud the time I...was allowed to have my car stop others from being killed the although my wounds needed 9 months of care the therapist took me into his office after several months time and told me candidly..."Donetta I have been a LDS all of my life and in all of my years I have never told more less than a hand full of people this...even though we you are not of my religion, I have witnessed you to be an example of Jesus Christ and it is an honor to know you..."
I was privileged to be injured if in any way even this one man may have come to know Him..

* I am happy that...I kept my word to myself and did not become like my offenders and kept my heart soft even through the recovery and so many trials

* I feel great when...I make a difference in the lives around me

* I feel embarrassed when...I forget due to the brain demilenation issue

* I feel sad when ...I do not live up to my self imposed values

* I feel happy when...I have a successful accomplishment

* I feel angry when ...My kids fight

* I feel proud when...I do a good job on the grocery, or help the budget by making bread,clothing and the like. Contributing and helping my family.

* I feel sleepy when...I do not get enough rest

* Sometimes I'm afraid of ...Alzheimer's

* I hate it when...I can not focus if I forget to take my medication

* I love it when...My little boy gives me round the face kisses at bed time

* I like it when...My garden is doing well

* I laugh when...snippets of wisdom are veiled in humor

* I was really scared when...I had a dream someone stole my identity

* I was very happy the time that...I stood in the gap and spoke life into a man who had been hit on a motorcycle right in front of me. I was first on scene after being lead there. I was so happy that I obeyed. I went to the hospital and read a scripture as the mother dropped her jar...it was the very same chapter that she prayed over her wayward son every day.
It was a very HOLY time.

*My Face has a big smile when...my husband looks at me when I see him just out of the corner of my eye and he is admiring me

* I would be happier if... if I dropped 45 pounds

* I felt like crying when ...I think of anyone that is dying in the wound of their heart and I know it and am unable to do anything to help..so I just pray

* Sometimes I feel ...surreal a stranger on this planet

* Sometimes I feel scared when... my husband is not leading us well

* right now I feel ...frustrated and irritable, antsy I forgot to take my meds until a moment ago and it is late evening

* It makes me sad to hear...a hard imbittered heart

* The silliest thing is...mistakes in nature

* The happiest thing is ...a contented person

* When I feel lonely I...reach out to another

* When I'm really angry I...say to the reason if it is a person and it is appropriate "when you---fill in the blank---I feel---fill in the blank.---I would prefer if you would---fill in the blank
This after I get a grip on the anger. I get a grip by identifying what I am really angry about
If I am raging I then identify the triad

1 what am I angry about?
2 what am I feeling shame or guilt over
is it real shame or not
is it guilt than am I really guilty if so make amends
3 what is the fear of loss...what am I afraid of?
This is how I defuse anger/rage

*I sometimes get mad when...injustice occurs and then the guilty person blames the Innocent

* I feel bad when...I hurt someone

* After I cry I ...seldom do I cry but when I do I am speechless for sometime afterward. When I cry I run home to those safe shelters under my makers wing

* I am afraid to...go against what seams right or in right standing

* I wish someone would give me....I way of escape from this stress disorder that would not just create another issue

* What really bothers me is...selfishness and insensitivity.

Are my traits and characteristics acknowledged?
Do I give myself opportunities to discover my interests ,attitudes, roles and physical characteristics?
Do I create opportunities for myself to reflect upon significant influences in my past or present and how these have played a role in my own self Perceptions?
Do I allow myself to express my uniqueness and to risk being different?
Do I allow myself to explore feelings and attitudes that promote an awareness of what I value?
Am I learning to make positive statements and accept praise?
Do I accept my differences?
Do I let my list of self description increase?
Have I allowed myself a sense of pride in my unique qualities?
Do I avoid equating my work with my self-worth?

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