Walking Wounded

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


A journal of discovery

*I am best at...tenacity
*Something I like about myself is...I am full of life
*I like to pretend I...am dancing with my Father God
*I'm sure glad I...got to become a mother
*When I grow up...I will be passing from this world to the next
*If I were and animal , I'd be ...a wolf
* If I were a building, I'd be...a log cabin
* The place I like best to be is...the forest
* two things I like about myself are...my determination to do what is right and my acceptance that no matter how hard I try I will make mistakes then I will make amends for it
*I feel important when...I make someone feel loved
*I don't like it when...my past haunts me the PTSD causes my stress hormones to really act other than my heart would want to..ie grumpy or irritable
*I look best when...I am happy
*When I was little...I survived odds that only God can be credited for making me able to do so
*One of the best things about me is...my quest for a full life
*After working I...I never have an after
* A famous person I'd like to be is...I do not want to be any other than who I am
*My face is ...ageing yet is is still soft and not road hard with the pains of life
*If I were a little kid I would ...open the eyes of adults understanding
*My body is...a stranger
*The part of me I'd like most to change is ...my weight and weakness
*I can play ... ...all day.
I do not know how to play
*If I were very tiny, I would...Whisper words of life into the ears of all I could
*When I look in the mirror the first thing I see is...a sage in a vessel w in a realm that I do not belong keeping time.
* I run like a ...old woman with the spirit of a child who is baffled that the body is not working as it should
*I'm as tall as...The touch of my Father God's hand on my cheek
* I don't want to ...have Alzheimer's
*During the summer I like...air conditioning and my children home with me
*During winter I like ...gardening
*The way I'd describe my family is...functional with a limp
* someday...May my children be functional adults that have a wonderful life
* I'm not afraid to...try
* Two of my favorite things are...my boys good night kisses that surround my face like a clock tender and sweet. My daughters approach
*If I had a magic carpet, I'd not trust it
* My favorite part of the day is...the first moments of being awake
* I'm sure glad I ...care
* I like to play...by creating things
* I'd like to say a good thing about...my Mother
*If I could be invisible, I would...merge with God
* I love to eat...cherries
* I hate to eat...nasty food
* I wish I could...get off of all medications
* I like the sound of...rain
* I'm bigger than ...bigotry
I'm smaller than ...arrogance
* I hope that...This exercise helps
* If I could do anything different, it would be...believe that I could do it differently
* If I were a giant, I would ...destroy the myth of all giants are mean
* I really like...flowers
* I'll never forget ...being pursued by my husband
* I like the way I...do not give up
* I would not like to have...hateful kids
* If I were a bird, I would ...sing
* I would like a magic ring that...ended strife
* I need more...exercise
* I'm the kind of person who...people either love or hate
* I am unique because...I am alive with the knowledge that most carry to their self imposed death
*My favorite pet is a...a canary
* I am am lucky because....I am loved and I know it
* My favorite thing to wear is...nice undergarments
* If I were older, I would ...miss my kids adulthood
* I wish I could play...with my children...better
* The person I'd like most to look like is...my young self...because...I miss her beauty
* My favorite sport is...Frisbee
* My favorite place to go is...quite
* When I was younger I enjoyed...roller skating
* My favorite TV show is ...Lie to me... because ...it confirms my intuition
* I wish I could tell you....how badly I hurt in my heart
* A part of me I like is....holy
* I'd sure like it if...it were safe in this world to be transparent
* I wish grownups would...become adults
* I was really sorry I...acted badly with my kids

Are my traits and characteristics acknowledged?
Do I give myself opportunities to discover my interests ,attitudes, roles and physical characteristics?
Do I create opportunities for myself to reflect upon significant influences in my past or present and how these have played a role in my own self Perceptions?
Do I allow myself to express my uniqueness and to risk being different?
Do I allow myself to explore feelings and attitudes that promote an awareness of what I value?
Am I learning to make positive statements and accept praise?
Do I accept my differences?
Do I let my list of self description increase?
Have I allowed myself a sense of pride in my unique qualities?
Do I avoid equating my work with my self-worth?

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Denise said...

Your heart is a precious treasure, I love you.

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