Walking Wounded

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the courage to meet the demands of reality

This is a wonderful book to learn how to be human with a thriving adult ability.
A good read ya all.

Well I have been idle sitting by until I was ready to post.
I am getting better.
Here are the beginning steps to the EMDR process.
Once I began to establish a life time line or the event time line the next phase is for me to...

I looked to the ways that I comforted myself and found most of those were harmful and I often denied or felt guilty for those things healthy that did comfort me.

I have learned that I love beauty and MUST create it, I love music and it fills and moves me to center. Gaining understanding and knowledge groves me and seeing life form and grow is all encompassing .
When a seed emerges from the earth it is as if all the hardship passes in that instant.

This week the contemplation is on
Learning what my inner resources are...
I need to have compassion on my own self as I do for the others around me, I need to be trustworthy to my own self as I am to others and I must gain the courage to gain more ground.

EMDR is helping me to get set up through the identifying of some of the faulty messages I have absorbed through the traumas.

I see now that the anxiety stress PTSD is really causing so many of the memory and other problems that leave me behaving and thinking other than how and who I really am.
I am trusting in myself to succeed and uprooting out these lies I have believed.
Trusting myself to have boundaries that protect myself as well.
Giving myself the comfort of those things that sooth my soul.
Avoid all the things that are the false comforts, or at least seeing then for what they are.

I am on my way.

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