Walking Wounded

Monday, July 2, 2007

I Have a Hope.

I have a hope and a promise.
Placed on my work station
a hope found
It became a promise
The first one I had ever owned.
wonder filled me

It is now mine alone
no voice or explanation had I
but this gift will be the greatest I'd ever own
Care was shown to me
Care watered my soul

Red edged pages
Hard bound text
The date January 8, 1981
Inscription read
My maiden name, given by Jesus
just who is he?

Many years later
I hold in my hands a love letter.
a loving stranger
who cared for my soul
gave all the answers
I daily need

That Bible record
of things learned
dates of History.
He is within my heart, my 20th birthday
aloud and clear 11 days later
Baptized by immersion into the son shine

By November
away from all walked I
A choice for life
A time of thanksgiving
A coin in a backpack
I had moved on.

That old way abandoned.
The life I had known
dependence on brutal man.
Now I have my own home
Choices of freedom
Life with hope.
I live the promise!

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Denise said...

Keeping you in my prayers.

Songs of my heart