Walking Wounded

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We are a three part being


!) The body, that shell your living in, The one that has the form, the journey of bumps and scrapes that has left it in its present state. Now for some this vessel has been thrashed about in a storm that has left a pretty bleak effect. It is however not hopeless and it is also no wonder. When you get the soul tied up in things. neglect of your own self can also have a profound effect on you shell. Now there are some who have endured many of the formative years with the body being treated in disastrous ways by others. It gets trained into being at ease that that should be the norm. No, it should NOT!

2) I have spoken about the beginning of the spiritual restoration in a prior post. Now I have to speak about the "soul". That was the part of me that made me who I am innately and uniquely. We begin the formation of that even before birth . (fearfully and wonderfully made). However along the path of life with the many experiences we have be become. Fortunately all things can become a new.
It is no wonder who you have become, now who do you choose to be. Who were you really intended to be before the mold of who you are became damaged by the pounding of this storm called life.

3) Our Spirits are alive to God when our days began in the womb , It was He who Created a place within us to dwell. Now I'm not one to get into a theological debate. I am simply one woman sharing my journey and the truth I have know. (sharing my expireance, strength and hope) My spirit longed for him like the law of "gravity". It is His presence with my spirit that completes my innate need a need to belong that can only ultimately be filled in that relationship (note I did not say religion) I said relationship!

When I took a journey, into the why, of who I had been left being, after I came clear of the storm of the lives that once governed over mine, That I was to begin to become a new. It is my hope to shed a light onto this path that you may become who you truly are.

The human being not a human doing once governed by the ghosts of all that haunts you. Truth is freedom. When I reveled the truth of who, and what the storms of my life had wrecked havoc, It was then I began to heal.

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Denise said...

A great big amen to this sweety.

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