Walking Wounded

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Carolyns Eyes

Her eyes come to me sometimes. That last view I had of her beautiful spirit. It was still comforting me. Still tender still kind. With everything that was happening to her. She looked through me and rested her soul in Gods hands. When she left it was then just the shell she is no more.
But the sacrilege the violation of all that is sacred all that is holy...it bore too much for me a child to take. I think my mind just snapped. It was like my eyes left this place with her. I could not keep present while they became jackals and tore at her remains.
Mother held my shoulders. It was like a was going to be ripped apart as I struggled to try to get to my dear friend. .. No one helped her; they all stood as robots and stared and wanted out of fear... the approval of the leader. They all sugared him with the adoration ...the measly pitiful demons at satans feet. Just like that.
Like gargoils on the roof tops to watch for what is evil they are just as afraid knowing the leader would require of them those deeds set to ashur their own safty through the apperance of loalty.

So it must of been with hitler...

Yet some were wicked to the core and finding pleasure and inticing the orgy of glutony and sin.
Sins so vial that even though I as a christain understand foregiveness am baffeled at how God could ever achieve it toward these heathen...sodom and gamora...how could he then be sad and vow to never do that to rid the earth of them.
That is the depdth of His Love for this world. Pretty mind blowing stuff.

...and lucifer the arch angle fell and took with him 1/3 of the heavonly hosts.
Wow what a bad choice they made. Try getting out of that mistake...I wonder if the angles repented if any of them might have recieved mercy...
just God is just.

A year later in the hospital I had commeted to calling the police and reporting those events in the canyon..........A woman had called shortly before me and told them of the same things occuring during the same period in time.

It was only then I knew I was sane and telling a actual event and details that were so terribly accuraite.

My friend who watched over the little children during the events of the stone table was murdered. She was trying to protect me. She knew it was me that they had set their plans on that night.

Carolyns eyes...
They were holy peaceful one the pain was gone before she flew away.

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