Walking Wounded

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Poem for My Wife

As a child; raised in pain; eager for a fulfilling life, you danced before God.
You danced before your parents.
Your dance is beautiful.

As an adolescent; troubled and tossed about.
Ignored, your eyes were pierced with darts of fire.
You longed for peace and found none.
Your eyes are beautiful.

A young womans feet in a race.
Racing to a place of solace and peace.
The ground shifting all around; upheaval, danger, discord.
Your feet are beautiful.

The woman sets her hands to the task of healing.
She weaves a new life out of tattered remnants.
The pieces fit together and the tapestry begins to reveal the masterpiece.
Your hands are beautiful.

My wife, and mother of my children; your heart is most beautiful of all.
You provide for your family from its bounty every day.
Heart prayers; heart wishes; heart dreams; heart life!

Your heart is beautiful.
You are beautiful.

With all my love,

1 comment:

Michele Rosenthal said...

Now there's a man who loves his woman! And there's the inspiration to continue being healed each and every day. :)

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